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If you get into trouble, don’t wait to get the best legal help you can find. Contact Richard Zambon. Rick has over 30 years of experience in State and Federal Court at the District, Circuit and Appellate Court level.

Rick Zambon has a high rate of success rate in getting criminal charges dropped  or reduced. And if the case goes to trial, you will have the confidence that an experienced fighter is sitting at your side.

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Criminal Defense
Drunk Driving & DUI Defense
Aggravated Assault / Battery
Consumer Fraud
Domestic Violence & Battery
Drug Possession / Drug Sales
Drug Trafficking & Manufacturing
Homicide / Manslaughter
Outstanding Warrants / Accusations
Pornography / Internet Crimes
Resisting Arrest
Sex Offenses / Lewdness
Theft / Burglary
Traffic / DUI / DWI / BUI
Weapons Offenses / 10-20-Life
White Collar Crime
Child Abuse
Juvenile Offenses
Felonies / Misdemeanors
Probation Violation
Record Sealing

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